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Major Projects (Embedded Based)

The domain of electronics is so wide that any idea can be converted into real time application. We work on numerous technologies some of them are given below. ESL provides complete guidance classes for project making rather than providing ready-made projects. We also provide supporting material related to the project for further study.

Projects Areas

Edge_Detector For Registration call us at +91 8146120309

Edge Detector Robot

Edge Detector Robot is built using the IR Sensors. The sensors are connected in front of the ROBOT so as to detect the edge early and take proper action in time.

Water-Level-Monitoring-And_Control_System For Registration call us at +91 8146120309


In this project different levels of water shall be marked in the water tank. On reaching the lowest level of water the motor shall automatically get switched on to fill the tank and the motor will be turned off as soon as the water reaches maximum level. So it helps in conserving water as well as electricity.

Electronic_Voting For Registration call us at +91 8146120309

Electronic Voting Machine

With the help of this project one can vote for one's favorite candidate. After voting process, the authorities can check the result immediately.

Temperature_Monitoring_System For Registration call us at +91 8146120309

Temperature Monitoring System

This project helps us to measure the temperature and display the digital value on the LCD screen

Automatic_Railwa For Registration call us at +91 8146120309

Automatic Railway Crossing System

With the help of this Project railway crossing is controlled by the Electronic gate Control. The entry and exit of the railway is sensed by IR sensor modules and accordingly gate is opened and closed automatically.

Accident_Avoiding For Registration call us at +91 8146120309

Accident Avoiding Robot

In this automatic Breaks will be applied by the Robotic car when it senses any object in its vicinity at a particular distance.

Pick_and_Place_Robotic_ARM For Registration call us at +91 8146120309

Pick and Place Robotic ARM

This project has a wide range of applications in industries where big Cartons can be picked and placed with the ease of moving the Robotic Arm Electronically with the help of a wired Remote.

Weather_Monitoring_System For Registration call us at +91 8146120309

Weather Monitoring System

Aim of the project is to monitor weather conditions, including temperature, atmospheric humidity, and solar light intensity and send this information to the user through GSM modem.

GSM_Based_Irrigation_Control_System For Registration call us at +91 8146120309

GSM Based Irrigation Control System

In this project, the level of the water in the fields can be checked from home through SMS and according control the motor. Also the power failure alert can be sent to the user mobile.

GSM_Based_Home For Registration call us at +91 8146120309

GSM Based Home Security System

This project is an example of Home Automation system in which unauthorized access to your home is prevented using both IR and GSM Technology.

GSM_Based Notice_Board_Display For Registration call us at +91 8146120309

GSM Based Notice Board Display

In this project, we can display a text message on LCD Notice Board from anywhere via GSM Technology. The wireless communication is achieved using GSM.

Accelerometer For Registration call us at +91 8146120309

Accelerometer Based Wheel Chair for Handicapped Person

This application is mostly used in Hospitals or may be in Home for Physically challenged persons. In this application, The Disabled person sitting on Wheelchair would reach at its Destination without the help of any other person.

Line_Follower_Robot For Registration call us at +91 8146120309

Line Follower Robot

This robot follows the particular path of black line over white background.

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